Case Study - Larkshall Road

Clients: ISHA
Architects: Burns Guthrie and Partners
Engineers: Rushby Brewster

Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association in conjunction with Waltham Forest Council have developed the above site for affordable houses and flats, to help make a significant contribution towards meeting the Council's housing needs.

The development comprises thirty five new build residential units with twenty three as apartments and twelve as family houses; all of these are for affordable rent.
There are two number houses and two flats at ground floor level that have been fully equipped as wheelchair units; all the other flats and houses are built to Lifetime Homes standards. The overall site achieves a level 3 rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes and has been designed in full accordance with the requirements of the North River Alliance Design and Technical Brief.
The scheme also includes for enclosed secure storage facilities for bicycles at ground floor level, placed throughout the site at one for each flat.
Along the Larkshall Road frontage below the residential units are three single storey commercial units of 82m2, 80m2 and 55m2.

The new building along the road frontage of Larkshall Road contains the three commercial units, with apartments above in the same manner as the adjoining buildings. The scheme then changes to a three storey flat block that continues around the corner adjacent to the access road. At the corner of this block is a three and a half storey tower unit, which provides scale and presence to this corner of the site.
On the ground floor at the rear of this block is a parking courtyard and secure play area accessed directly from the staircase to the flats and overlooked by balconies and living areas from the units to provide security.
The access road into the scheme is adjacent to the southern boundary in the same location as the existing entrance to the rear car park. The buildings in this part of the site are set to the north of the road in the form of streets that continue round to the north boundary, they are two and three storeys in height with varying design.
The area at the back of this street provides space for a further block of apartments of three storeys height; secure gardens to the houses, a parking courtyard and two secure play areas.

Generally the elevations have a mixture of traditional and contemporary appearance, mixing pitched and flat roofs with material variation to give articulation and interest to the facades. This has provided frontages which are sympathetic to the surrounding buildings but with their own distinctive character.
The materials used are generally grey concrete plain roof tiles, red / yellow stock bricks, cream coloured render, and composite timber polyester powder coated aluminium windows and doors.

Existing trees, shrubs and bushes have been preserved as much as possible throughout the site and have be enhanced with new planting / trees as required. There is also a 4.5metre wide woodland amenity and natural habitat zone, which has been provided in consultation with Natural England along the north boundary with Coolgardie Avenue.

The project includes one flat roof which has been finished with a green roof system. This Sedum and moss surface provides new living areas for insects and birds, recreating natural habitat in a safe and undisturbed location.

The rear of the houses to the North of the site and the disabled flats to the courtyard, have been turfed to provide garden areas. 
The site is enclosed by close-boarded timber fencing of 1.8 m high plus 450 mm high lattice top for security and privacy and has been enhanced with some new trees along the boundaries.
Secure landscaped play areas are provided, which include small play equipment for toddlers, seating areas and ball play facilities.

The main access road is tarmac up to the first turning head; thereafter surfaces are completed in block paving of different colours to demarcate various zones.
Along the path edge of the access roads low fencing and planting has been used to protect the personal spaces in front of ground floor habitable rooms.

The project also includes renewable energy features in the form of solar thermal panels to the family house units, high efficiency gas saver boilers; low energy light fittings provided in all rooms and the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel array onto the flat roof of the residential building along Larkshall Road, to provide power for the landlords supplies.

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