Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find plots of land for sale?
2. How do I find out who owns a plot of land?
3. How large a plot of land do I need to build an average 4 bedroom house?
4. What should I check when I see a plot?
5. Can I design my own home?
6. Do you handle all planning and building regulation approval?
7. How long will it take to build my dream home?
8. What do I do next?

Q1. How Can I Find Plots Of Land For Sale?

A: There are a number of ways to find plots of land for sale. The first port of call would be to contact all the local estate agents in the area that you would like to live. Check local newspapers, drive around desired area and look for potential sites. Alternatively there are a number of property agents that can be found on the internet, or Southern Property Consultants 01428 707748.

Q2. How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Plot Of Land?

A: Contact the Land Registry on 01892 510015 or visit their website or contact us on 01277 812915.

Q3. How Large A Plot Of Land Do I Need To Build An Average 4 Bedroom House?

A: The minimum size plot we would recommend for an average 4 bedroom detached property would be 16mx35m (560m2).

Q4. What Should I Check When I See A Plot?

A: Check the boundaries, check the dimensions, check services are nearby, check the planning situation.

Q5. Can I Design My Own Home?

A: Yes, we have found it is very helpful for any potential client to put together a file of all elements of the property they would like to include within their dream home.

Q6. Do You Handle All Planning And Building Regulation Approval?

A: Yes this service can be provided, contact us for more information.

Q7. How Long Will It Take To Build My Dream Home?

A: This can vary from site to site depending on site conditions although an average is between 12-24 months from commencement of construction.  

Q8. What Do I Do Next?

A: Contact us and we will do all we can to assist you further.  Go to Top Question List